MMORPG Guild Wars 2 received the exact release date on Steam

The Steam version of the famous MMORPG Guild Wars 2 was announced last year and now, finally, the exact release date has become known. The game will appear in the service from Valve next week, August 23 at 23:00 Moscow time. Unfortunately, for Russia the page is blocked.

“Guild Wars 2 has been delighting over 16 million players for a decade now with its no-subscription business model, epic co-op open world boss battles, and groundbreaking mount system,” said Kendall Boyd, Senior Vice President of Marketing at NCSOFT West. “Through the launch on Steam, a whole new audience of players who have never had the opportunity to adventure with us will be able to experience one of the greatest fantasy worlds in gaming. Everyone at NCSOFT and ArenaNet is excited to welcome them to our amazing community.”

Along with the launch of the Steam version of the game, the Guild Wars 2 Complete Collection will go on sale for $99.97. It will include all three expansions (Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire, End of Dragons) and five Living World seasons that fill in the gaps between the main storylines of the game.

The release on Steam also marks the official start of support for Twitch Drops in Guild Wars 2. By watching the streams, players will be able to earn exclusive character rewards, including classic costumes, experience boosters, and the unique Glowing Purple Mask cosmetic.

Below is the new trailer for Guild Wars 2, released to celebrate the release date on Steam.

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