MMORPG Icarus Online will support the blockchain and will be released on the Wemix platform

Wemade announced that it has signed an agreement to connect Valofe games called Icarus Online to the Wemix platform.

Icarus Online is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG that first appeared in Korea in 2014. A little later, the release of the game took place under the wing of 101XP, but the project was decided to be closed on September 17, 2021. In Europe, Korea and Japan, the game still exists today, thanks to the efforts of Valofe and Wemade. The main feature of the game are air battles.

It is worth noting that after the release on the Wemix platform, Icarus Online will contain elements of the blockchain, namely the sale of in-game items for NFT as in MIR4.

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