MMORPG Legend of YMIR Reveals the Beauty of Unreal Engine 5

Publisher Wemade has revealed a techno demo of Legend of YMIR. Is the future already here?

Legend of YMIR is a cross-platform project from Koreans from Wemade. This MMORPG will be released on PC, iOS and Android. Now the developers have released a video in which they showed the capabilities of the Unreal Engine 5. At the head of the table are textures in high resolution, but that’s not all – smooth transitions of shadows and play of light increase the level of immersion.

The characters also look beautiful in Legend of YMIR, although their glassy gaze resembles modern Asian MMOs like Black Desert Mobile. It is likely that the graphics shown in the trailer are only relevant for the PC version. As for the release of the game, Wemade promises to release it “very soon”.

Some other publications report that the developers will add blockchain technology to the Legend of YMIR. This means that players will be dominated by bots, as in MIR4. The developers also talk about castle sieges and an expanded customization system.

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