MMORPG MIR4 adds a new battlefield for 150 players

The multi-platform MMORPG MIR4 has received a content update with the PvP battlefield “Bicheon Castle Siege”.

The battle “Bicheon Castle Siege” is designed for 150 players, who are divided into two sides: the besieging and defending the castle. The main goal is to get to the monolith and destroy it for the first team, or successfully defend for the second. Battles last one hour and will take place every four weeks on Sunday at 22:00 server time, starting November 28. Any clan that has reached the 1st or higher level of the “Defensive formation” clan skill and won the siege auction is free to take part. It is worth noting that each battle will be preceded by a special event and the first will take place from 22 to 27 November.

As for the reward, the winning clan will be able to collect transaction fees from transactions that take place in the marketplace, plus additional Darksteel taxes on mining proceeds in the Hidden Valleys. With the absolute power of the king, clan members can receive official leadership positions or be rewarded with exclusive items from the clan store.

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Finally, on November 23rd, the “Exchange by XDRACO” marketplace will open where you can trade XDRACO items. XDRACO items can be obtained in-game and through the DSP (DRACO Betting Program) enabling a series of transactions between players without restriction. These things can be sold outside of regions and servers.

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