MMORPG New Dark Eden offers to plunge into the depths of horror

The Dark Eden franchise has been replenished with another project for smartphones. It was launched in Taiwan.

New Dark Eden is a mobile project that was released on iOS and Android in Asia. No, this is not Dark Eden M, although it seems different due to the overall world and color palette. The game offers six classes, the models of which in the menu are made in the “live 2D” format; we are offered a swordsman, a sorceress, an arrow, a robber, a necromancer and a spearwoman. Normal customization not deliveredgameplay on auto-mode, and animations give away old and browser-based MMORPGs.

In addition, the developers of New Dark Eden added a VIP status, and the ubiquitous hieroglyphs will not let you enjoy the plot, although we are promised even a pinch of horror, which has not been since Requiem. It’s a pity that when you play New Dark Eden, you constantly feel “mobile roots” – limited offers to donate and grind in order to take part in PvP for 100 people in the future. In addition, the developers offer raids where guild members can go.

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