MMORPG Noah’s Heart launches pre-release event with quests and rewards

Recently, the developers of MMORPG Noah’s Heart announced the exact date of the global release. The game will be released worldwide on July 28 on PC and mobile devices, and from July 14, Android owners will be able to evaluate the early version.

In honor of the imminent release, the team launched a special event “Noah’s Collector”, which allows you to get items for the collection for completing tasks. Depending on their number, you will receive rewards after launch.

Tasks are of the following types:

  • Daily Entrance (+1 to Collection)
  • Share Site (+1 to Collection. Can be completed once)
  • Join the official VK group (+1 to the Collection. Can be completed once)
  • Invite other users to register (+1 to the Collection for each invited)

As a reward, you can get Diamonds, Outfit Parts and a Limited Title. It is worth noting that before starting the tasks, you must create an account on the official website, even if you have pre-registered

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