MMORPG player The Lord of the Rings Online has reached the maximum level baking cakes for 8 months

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A fan of The Lord Of The Rings Online (LotRO) under the nickname Cookingwithsim Pie-Runner, it seems, set himself the goal of becoming the best baker in Middle-earth and just baked cakes for 8 months. This gave him so much experience that he even reached the maximum level 130.

Players from everywhere flocked to the hobbit Cookingwithsim Pie-Runner and his stove to watch the cap reach. Users were fascinated by the fact that without battles, such indicators can be achieved. After receiving the 130th, many even began to celebrate this event.

The achievement Cookingwithsim Pie-Runner shows how versatile an MMORPG can be, and not just The Lord of the Rings Online. In fact, players can often earn unusual achievements and this only brings the community together.

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