MMORPG Requiem Online relaunch date announced

Gravity Interactive has announced the release date for the relaunch of MMORPG Requiem Online: the game will reopen its doors on August 25th. The company also shared the details of the modern version.

In the relaunched MMORPG, players can look forward to brand new content including new ultimate skills, class rebalancing, loot distribution changes and an updated in-game store.

The developers also announced that world PVP will no longer be available, but players can look forward to completely new modes, including 10v10 battlefields, large-scale 50v50 battles.

Players who want to get a head start can still pre-register through the official website. All participants in the promotion will receive bonus rewards, including 24 hours of VIP play, some mounts, 3 pieces of Joxen equipment, 2 decorations and 1 implant.

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