MMORPG RuneScape players will have to fight Zamorak, Lord of Chaos

Jagex Studio has announced a new elite dungeon “Zamorak Underground City” for MMORPG RuneScape. In it, players will have to stop Zamorak, the Lord of Chaos, who summons hordes of demons, in order to capture Gelinor.

The dungeon will be able to pass up to five people at the same time, and the difficulty will scale depending on the size of the group. Along the way, you will have to fight many enemies and mini-bosses before reaching Zamorak itself. By the way, you will have the opportunity to skip the passage and immediately start the battle with the main boss. To do this, you need to complete the dungeon 25 times.

For more details about the new elite dungeon, you can find out on a special page, as well as in the video below.

Official Preview - Lord of Chaos (Zamorak Boss)

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