MMORPG Soul says no to donation dumps

MMORPG Soul says no to donation dumps MMORPG Soul says no to donation dumps

The developers of the open-world game Soul say they and the industry are tired of F2P games that take the lion’s share of their free time. This new project should change the status quo.

Soul is a mobile MMO that has started pre-registration at Tap Tap for both platforms (iOS and Android). For now, we can enjoy some screenshots and a little trailer. The developers promise us adventures in an open world where every NPC is a real player. We will also be offered a lot of dungeons and hidden worlds. As for the events, even if you skip them, you will still get experience. Another plus is trading between players.

The creators of Soul directly say that they get poor art, but the graphics are already amazing thanks to the use of reflections, realistic shadows and lighting. In the future, we are promised 3D face-scanning technology, although it is still difficult to call Soul another “metaverse”. Of course, there will be no auto-questing in Soul, which can affect online, because fans of mobile MMOs sometimes have little time to directly control the character.

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