MMORPG Tamashi: Rise of Yokai is out on smartphones in Asia

Publisher EYOU Technology has launched Tamashi: Rise of Yokai. Servers will open today, but for now, preload is available.

Tamashi: Rise of Yokai is a mobile MMORPG that will be released today in Southeast Asia. The European server will be launched on March 29th at 13:00, and the early installation phase for iOS is currently underway. Unfortunately, the file cannot be downloaded from the Russian Federation, and even in the Indonesian Google Play there is an inscription “Register” (at the time of writing the news). Follow the updates on our website.

There are three classes in Tamashi: Rise of Yokai: Samurai, Weaponsmith, and Priest. Together with your friends, you will go through corridors and small locations, clearing them from demons. In addition to PvE, the developers promise PvP ramifications – the Arena, clan battles, and even battle royale. Interestingly, in the last mode, we will collect food scattered around the map, and then eat our opponents. And, of course, romantic relationships await the players; who knows, maybe you will meet a soul mate? Then you have to give her outfits.

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