MMORPG Traha Infinity available in South Korea, how to download?

Moai Games Studio has launched the Traha Infinity servers. If you need new features in a stagnant genre, it’s time to download this game.

Traha Infinity is a mobile MMORPG that is available on iOS and Android in South Korea. It has four classes available: warrior, rogue, sorceress and reaper. In the character editor, you can choose the appearance of the hero, up to the mask on the face, so as not to get infected. The game was made on Unreal Engine, although it’s better not to look closely at individual models and tweak the isometric mode. At the same time, the lighting and soundtrack enhance the immersion in the local fantasy world.

Unfortunately, the interface of Traha Infinity is purely in Korean, and in terms of gameplay from the first quests we are forced to exterminate animals in the location. This case can be put on auto-mode, so the bottom line is we get a Tamagotchi simulator. Read about the features of this MMORPG in the previous news.

How to download Traha Infinity?

  • Android gamers should simply download the APK through our Telegram channel;
  • Residents of the App Store country, I suggest that you read this article to put a Korean Apple ID.

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