MOBA Fight of Legends wants to compete with League of Legends: Wild Rift

Fight of Legends looks like another typical MOBA like League of Legends: Wild Rift. In fact, it has original ideas. Of course, the basic things remained unchanged – the players also split into 2 teams, choose a unique hero and try to destroy the enemy base. Only now the map is small and there is no division into 3 lines in it.

Now Fight of Legends is available in India and probably a number of other countries in the Southeast Asian region, as the publication reports. ATG. Interestingly, the developers have launched versions for iOS and Android. Note that in general there is a feeling that this will be a niche project, since the interface is overloaded with unnecessary information and square icons.

But what pleases in Fight of Legends is the ability to call huge monsters to your side to help smuggle enemy base. Note that 5 modes are available in the game, and additional heroes must be knocked out through the gacha system. To make it easier, we recommend that you log in every day and collect free rewards.

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