MOBA Kingshunt is preparing for open beta testing. MBT date announced

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The third-person MOBA Kingshunt is gearing up for an open beta. The OBT will run from June 22 to June 25 on Steam, and anyone can try the new product. In the near future, a button will appear on the game page to request access to Playtest, and then the client will be available.

In honor of the upcoming event, the developers have released a trailer showing all the latest innovations and gameplay. It is worth noting that the project has become more like a closed MOBA Paragon, although it has its own unique features.

Kingshunt is a third-person multiplayer online game that combines the genres of MOBA, Tower Defense, RTS and hack’n’slash combat system. The project is being developed by the Vaki company, consisting of only seven people, on the Unreal Engine.

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