Mobile gaming is a new “meta” and a great replacement for PC and consoles

Before the transition of the mobile industry to Android and iOS, “gaming” was very curtailed – game companies made “ports” and just projects “based on” Java. Some of them were breakthroughs, some of them allowed to pass the time on the road or when parents took the cord from the PC or console. Since then, the average gamer has been under the impression that even in 2022, only hyper-casual titles are played on smartphones. This is only partly true, and it is not because the audience is mostly casuals and housewives, but because the platform itself allows you to get the same amount of dopamine (the hormone of happiness) in a short time as from hour-long gatherings at a PC or console.

It’s no secret that even in 2020 The mobile gaming market has become much larger than on PC and consoles: $63.6 billion versus $36.9 billion and $45.2 billion. Some analysts go so far as to consider the market for smartphone apps and games to be larger in revenue than music and movies. But let’s be more specific – every year smartphones become much more powerful, some companies – including AMD – generally are going to add RTX technology to future chipsets; so far, video cards with its support have been successfully heating the homes of PC gamers who look down on mobile gamers. But the latter have several big trump cards up their sleeves, which cross out all the arguments “against”.

You see, back in the 2010s, cloud solutions like OnLive began to gain momentum, which Sony then successfully bought out. Now the biggest player in this area is Microsoft with its xCloud technology. If you have high-speed Internet and at least a burned account with an Xbox Ultimate subscription, then you can run hundreds of new and old games from PC and consoles with touch control or controller support. Also, no one canceled the emulators of all consoles, from Atari to almost PlayStation 2, it all depends on the power of your smartphone; we recently wrote how to run Quake 4 and what program to use to emulate the PSP.

And don’t forget about native markets like the App Store and Google Play, plus TapTap, together they allow you to launch premium, free and early versions of games of various genres: from the hyper-casual Candy Crush with hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue to off-road simulators like MudRunner. Recent trends show, such as Call of Duty Warzone Mobile, that publishers are pushing for a single engine for all platforms, cross-platforming (Warframe), account merging, and shared events. That is, smartphones that were originally used for calls and SMS now allow you to do almost everything: from streaming games to running heavy emulators and ports. There would be a desire.

I want to finish my article with information from the site HC Gameswhich predicts mobile gaming revenues of up to $175 billion by 2027.

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