Mobile gaming metaverse to generate over $ 3 billion in 2022

Following Zuckerberg, everyone started talking about the “metaverse”, the space that unites the physical and digital worlds. What is it and how will the metaverse affect the video game industry?

Almost at every corner you can hear about the merging of our world with the digital, about the transfer of human consciousness to the binary plane. This is called the “metaverse” and as long as its mouthpiece is Mark Zuckerberg. And if you think that such technologies are still far away, some experts say that the future has already arrived.

Foreign publications report that demand for virtual reality and social games will increase in 2022. So far, Roblox and Minecraft are cited as examples. On the surface, these are children’s games, but they and other similar projects can bring their creators more than $ 3 billion in total. The main driver of such income will be the combination of two models: the metaverse with an emphasis on the self-expression of gamers, plus the “play and earn” system.

Previously, players wasted their time and received rare materials or equipment in Runescape and other MMORPGs. Some even managed to make money on this, although the business is “gray” and the developers have a negative attitude to this. Now everything will be legal – you spend time in the game, get bonuses or even cryptocurrency that can be withdrawn “in real”, sometimes not in the most convenient way. But we and other editions expect a surge in the popularity of the metaverse, which will lead to changes in the video game market.

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