Mobile MMORPG Moonlight Sculptor will see a global release tomorrow

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Kakao Games is about to release Moonlight Sculptor worldwide. This should already happen tomorrow. Developed by the creators of ArcheAge. The gameplay is isometric, the characters are anime and made in the chibi style. PvE dungeons and PvP arenas await players. In addition, there are professions: cooking, fishing, and so on. There is a dangerous dungeon, the Gate of Chaos; there are treacherous opponents and tough bosses, but daredevils will gain a lot of experience and find rare treasures.

To enhance the character, you need to pump, as well as give him pets and mercenaries. Here, apparently, you can make your own house and put sculptures there. At the same time, the heroes do not know rest, so they participate in adventures even when the player has left the Moonlight Sculptor.

Moonlight Sculptor will be released on May 25th on iOS and Android. This is according to the official Twitter account games. The App Store says the release will take place on May 31st. Now you can still pre-register through official site or digital stores.

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