Mobile news: Girls in Arena Breakout, NFS Mobile beta and more

Hello viewers AppTime Media and AppTime readers. Valery Nikitenkov is with you again, editor-in-chief and voice of weekly short news from the world of the mobile industry. I will say right away that the week turned out to be hot for high-profile newsbreaks, the first of which is related to the Arena Breakout looter shooter. Let’s start with him.

In Arena Breakout you can now admire the girls

The Chinese version of Arena Breakout added the ability to create a female character or change gender for a certain fee. It happened on September 23rd, when publisher Tencent Mobile launched a public beta test for Android and possibly iOS. But that’s not all – top players can get the status “Elite Challenger”, it allows you to get to an exclusive map with even more rare loot; normal players can’t get on it. In addition to this, there were two modes: “Fortress” with gear conditions and “Beishan”, available until October 7th, and offering random equipment.

Civilization: Reign of Power will surprise Ziva fans

But no one expected this informational occasion – the Sid Meier’s Civilization series is famous for its premium gameplay, but the publisher Nexon decided to go the other way and announced Civilization: Reign of Power. As we understand, this is a purely mobile project, which is made in the genre geo-strategy. In general, the Civilization franchise is perfect for him, because in it the players choose one of the many nations and try to achieve victory in different ways. If Nexon transfers all this to Civilization: Reign of Power, it will be an excellent competitor to The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War. The publisher promises large-scale PvP battles and the formation of alliances, which is typical for geo-strategies, but there is little information – so far, a teaser site has been “rolled out” for the game, and the NDREAM studio, which previously worked on strategies for Pirates of the Caribbean and CrossFire, is developing it.

Road Redemption Mobile released on iOS and Android

Road Redemption Mobile is the spiritual successor to the Road Rash series, which was released on smartphones. Gamers complain about the low resolution and wildly cut graphics compared to the PC version, although the non-gaming Snapdragon 778G GPU is loaded by no more than 20%. Nevertheless, you can try the introduction for free, you will meet full traffic and evil rivals who need to be “wet” with melee weapons. Road Redemption Mobile will also appeal to casual gamers thanks to auto-driving and braking. As players progress, new types of bikes and weapons open up, and with the money they earn, they can upgrade the whole thing. I recommend only to desperate fans of Road Rash.

Horror Witch Cry: Horror House is suitable for all ages

Studio Keplerians has released a teaser for their upcoming mobile game, Witch Cry: Horror House. She has an age rating of “7+”, and the developers themselves say that the project is suitable for almost everyone, unlike the same Mr. Meat 2, which received a more serious “16+” rating. Gamers will play as a child who was kidnapped by a witch. He will not only have to run away from home, solving puzzles along the way, but also find out why this witch is constantly crying. So far, pre-registration for Android is underway for the game, the developers are silent about the release date, so subscribe and wait for the news.

Justice Online Mobile captivates with its graphics again

The Chinese MMORPG Justice Online Mobile was launched again at home, but only on Android and by invitation. Its developers have created many mini-games that change the gameplay from shoot ’em up to fighting games. Players are also waiting for puzzles in large locations, as well as console-level graphics. So far, there are no plans for a global version, but the publisher is NetEase Games, so there is hope for at least a western version. The developers promise smart artificial intelligence that has passed the Turing test, and, well, a typical climbing on sheer cliffs.

UNDECEMBER will launch at the same time as Torclight: Infinite

October is going to be a hot month for announcements, especially with the launch of the UNDECEMBER OBT on iOS, Android, and PC. Rejoice, because this is a global version, and even with a probable full Russian localization. So, the servers will launch on October 12th, the same day as Torchlight: Infinite. Pre-registration is currently underway for all 3 platforms. On the official website, the developers point to 3 main UNDECEMBER systems: constellations, runes and equipment. All this directly affects the role and usefulness of your character in the group.

Truck Simulator Online will be released on October 3rd

If you like trucker games, listen up – Truck Simulator Online mobile game is due out on October 3rd at around 5:18 AM ET. This is an exclusive for our video, the link to Google Play, the developers promise to launch it together with the servers. The problem is that we don’t know if it will be available in Russia yet, so go to the site and look for the download file or official links. We know for sure that the gameplay in Truck Simulator Online will focus on multiplayer with the ability to choose and buy “tractors” of different rarity, plus travel across different continents. The question remains only to the amount of traffic – on the video with the gameplay it is negligible.

Need for Speed ​​Mobile is in beta test in China

And in the end, I left the news about Need for Speed ​​Mobile. The fact is that a questionnaire appeared in Chinese markets to apply for testing this game. So far, it is codenamed “Project Codename: Speed”, Tencent Mobile is responsible for its development. I note that it will not work to participate in the beta test, since the submission of applications is already closed, and you would have to link your account from the Chinese social network QQ. It will be possible to look at the game at least from the leaks of insiders at the beginning of October. According to the new screenshots, we expect a mixture of CarX Street and GTA Online.

And that’s all for me, dear friends. Thank you for watching to the end, liking and leaving comments – all this helps us develop and become better. See you soon!

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