Mobile news: Warcraft Mobile almost announced, Diablo Immortal release date and Underground replacement

Mobile news Warcraft Mobile almost announced Diablo Immortal release date Mobile news: Warcraft Mobile almost announced, Diablo Immortal release date and Underground replacement

Mobile news Warcraft Mobile almost announced Diablo Immortal release date Mobile news: Warcraft Mobile almost announced, Diablo Immortal release date and Underground replacement

Hello mobile gamers! With you AppTime Media and in this issue of short reports from the field, I will talk about the most notable events in the gaming industry over the past week. Among them are two announcements from Blizzard and beta tests of other major projects. It will be hot, so a fan may be needed. Go!

Diablo Immortal has a release date

How many years since the announcement will it take Blizzard to release mobile Diablo? The answer is four. Yes, just now we found out that Immortal will be released on June 2nd, Viat Cheng himself, the lead designer of the project, spoke about this in a short video. Some countries in Southeast Asia will have to wait a bit, probably including Russia and Belarus. Of the unexpected pluses – support for cross-platform between smartphones and PCs; Yes, you can now play Diablo Immortal even if you don’t have an iOS or Android device.

Warcraft Mobile is already around the corner of Azeroth

Before the presentation with the release date of Diablo Immortal, journalist Jason Schreier reported that in the coming weeks Blizzard will announce the first mobile game in the Warcraft universe. So, the company has already confirmed this and set the presentation date – March 3rd at 20:00 Moscow time. We are expecting a CGI video and a speech by the lead designer, but it’s too early to talk about the release date – even insiders have little information on this. It is also not known exactly what genre Warcraft Mobile belongs to, but one thing is clear – this is only the first game in this universe for iOS and Android.

Project RushB is a raw version of Valorant

At the end of the week, a trial run of Project RushB took place on Android. As the name implies, the game is at an early stage of development, this is also indicated by technical flaws, more about them in a separate article. However, like Hyper Front, this is the only normal replacement for Valorant Mobile so far. The gameplay is familiar – at the start of the round we buy weapons, and also choose a hero, because the set of skills depends on this. The main mode is defusing a bomb in a 5v5 format, and in the first matches there are stupid bots. Of the pluses, I note support for 60 FPS and matches that last about 15 minutes.

Project Evo on the Unreal Engine 5 is waiting for beta test

Project Evo is a mobile survival game made on Unreal Engine 5; this is the latest engine, it is still difficult to imagine a worthy project for iOS and Android on it. Nevertheless, the developers of Project Evo not only released a trailer demonstrating the capabilities of the engine, but also opened the registration for the beta test. We cannot confirm the platform and launch date, but it is clear from the video that we will be offered an open world in the setting of a zombie apocalypse. The main goal of the players is to hunt for Embers, whose power attracts the dead. All in all, it’s pretty interesting.

Honkai: Star Rail will hold another Closed Beta

Publisher MiHoVerse is accepting submissions for the next beta test for Honkai: Star Rail. It’s a beautiful game with exploration, turn-based combat, and the best graphics even by Genshin Impact standards. So, gamers on iOS, Android and PC can sign up through the official website. This is done before May 15, plus a MiHoVerse account is required. Compared to the previous CBT, this time testers are waiting for new characters, maps and mechanics. By the way, a letter of happiness will be sent to your email, and we will also try to get the file after the servers are opened.

Torchlight Infinite brings new content to testers

Yes, another beta has begun for Torchlight Infinite; it runs for iOS and Android, although gamers on the first platform have to wait for new slots to appear if they don’t have time. So far, the game does not support emulators, but if you can, you can quickly level up and get top gear. In addition, the developers have added a new class – Commander – you can find an overview of it on our website. Since equipment will be tested in this beta test, the drop rate is increased, because of this, the levels are run in one go.

Rainbow Six Mobile is gearing up for alpha testing

Ubisoft will launch test servers for Rainbow Six Mobile on May 3rd. The alpha test will be held purely on Android in three countries: Mexico, Canada and the United States. There will be no Russian localization yet, but testers will be allowed to record and share content, so expect a lot of information from the fields. And the closer Rainbow Six Mobile gets to the release date, the more content Ubisoft will add. Only all progress will be reset. During the alpha test, players will have access to 16 Operators and two familiar maps from the Rainbow Six universe. In total, we are promised two game modes and the opportunity to gather with friends.

CarX Street is the first replacement for Need for Speed ​​Underground

The developers of the CarX series of mobile simulators are working on a new project – CarX Street. The game offers an open world, drifts and realistic car models. Now she has a soft launch in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, but only on iOS. The project is so realistic that before the race you have to refuel to get to the finish line. I note that the game already has traffic, although there are no pedestrians. There is a GPS navigator on the map, and you have to drive to each race, as in the same Need for Speed ​​Underground series. By the way, in addition to smartphones, CarX Street will be released on PC and consoles.

Catalyst Black will be released in late May on iOS and Android

Right after our article on how the Catalyst Black action game is played on smartphones in 2022, the developers announced the launch of the project on May 25th. This is a global release and the game can be checked out in some regions such as Canada. From what you see, it seems that Catalyst Black has been brought to perfection – control, picture and gameplay without any rough edges. At the start, players will be offered a variety of guns, skills, accessories, and monster forms; the last item is an ult that turns you into a large creature, almost invulnerable to normal attacks.

And that’s all for me, dear friends. Thank you for watching to the end – we are trying only for you. Do not forget to subscribe to the channel and go to our website, because only in this way you will be aware of the cool news from the gaming industry. Peaceful sky above your head and see you soon!

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