Mod support for tactical shooter Thunder Tier One will be available immediately on release

KRAFTON has announced the ability to create and install mods for the realistic tactical isometric shooter Thunder Tier One right from its release on Tuesday December 7, 2021. The developers have also prepared a special modding trailer showing how you can modify the game at will.

It is worth noting that in order to create mods for Thunder Tier One, players need to install the Thunder Tier One Modding Tool from the Epic Launcher. Mods can be published directly to the Steam Workshop via the modding tool and subscribed to in-game. You are allowed to change any rules, settings, missions, weapons, AI behavior, equipment and everything else.

The game is now available for pre-order on Steam and will be sold for RUB 699. As an added bonus for fans, those who order early will receive an exclusive lobby diorama.

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