Modifications for efficient resource extraction in Factorio

Gradually growing and increasing the pace of construction and covering new territory, the player is faced with the problem of lack of necessary resources. Thanks to some modifications, you can not only get rid of this, but also expand the gameplay in Factorio. The mods listed below are optimized for Factorio 0.15.

Robot Mining Site

Adds worker robots to mine nearby resources and warehouses capable of storing the extracted resources.


Each building is a passive supplier chest and contains additional objects:

  • Controller: A lamp that can control whether to turn on the flame or not.
  • Robot Chest: Place or take mining robots in this chest (mining robots are a special mining power and therefore cannot be directly crafted).
  • Mountain port: this is where the work of the robots begins. Robots require at least 90% charged energy to run.


  • 2 technologies for mining (normal size 10×10, large 20×20 and optional 40×40).
  • 3 technologies for the speed of mining robots.

Skandragon’s Advanced Mining


Adds three levels of electric drills to the game to increase the speed and area of ​​resource extraction.


  • The first level is standard.
  • The advanced level takes up some space in the cells, slightly increasing the drilling speed, however, the extraction remains the same.
  • Elite and Ultimate drills take a number of the previous tiers and produce faster drilling with a larger 7×7 area.

deep core mining

Sad to see your outposts depleted and devastated by the ore trains on your rails? With Deep Core Mining, this will no longer be the case!


This mod aims to alleviate the problems of running out of outposts and having to build them in infinite numbers. Adds a new type of ore that only appears in place of a depleted field mined with a special drill.

  • New ore reserves have a 10% chance to split.
  • New improved and animated mines for mining ores with appropriate technologies and assembly components.

The idea is to repurpose an old mining outpost once the ore is depleted. So the infrastructure is still useful for investing resources and reduces the time required to replace old drills and create new buildings, as well as provide a small but sustainable endless source of ore.


The mod adds new tools to improve the extraction of useful resources. Also adds a repair kit.


  • 3 new technologies.
  • 2 new bits for drilling with higher range,
  • greater throughput and unusual coloring.
  • 3 new drills for faster manual mining.
    The second level of the repair kit, which has a 5x speed repair, durability has also increased.



The Prospector Mod turns normal ore mining into mining. To get additional ore, you need to research “Advanced Mining” and “Deep Mining”, as well as use the corresponding buildings near the resource packs and give them time to search for deep ores. In order to mine the ore, you need to use higher level mining drills.

The listed mods in Factorio are installed separately, but it is worth considering, but some of them may conflict with each other.

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