Monster Hunter: World – How to fix error 83-MW1

Finally, Monster Hunter: World, with great success and to the rave reviews of long-awaited gamers, was released on PC. But, unfortunately, the game is currently prone to errors and unstable servers. One such annoying error that breaks the online session of the players occurs with the code 83-MW1.

The solution to this problem was suggested by one of the Steam users. Actually, the algorithm for fixing this error, which may not work for all players, is to make changes to the Steam settings and add several tasks to the properties of the Monster Hunter: World launcher. As we said above, this method helped many users to fix the error, but this method does not give a 100% guarantee:

  1. Open Steam;
  2. Click on the Steam icon in the upper left corner;
  3. Go to “Settings”;
  4. Then select “In game”;
  5. Uncheck the middle box that says “Display Big Picture overlay on desktop when Steam Controller is connected”.

This sequence will disable the Big Picture overlay and replace it with the default Steam UI. Players will then need to enter two lines of code into the Monster Hunter: World launcher settings.

  1. Open the Steam Game Library;
  2. Right click on Monster Hunter: World;
  3. Select “Properties”;
  4. Then click on “Set launch options”;
  5. In the dialog box, enter the following line, including hyphens and spaces between words: -nofriendsui -udp;
  6. Click “OK”;
  7. Restart Steam.

These two “codes” tell Monster Hunter: World exactly how it should run. The first command instructs the game not to launch the new friendly user interface when the game starts, and the second one refers to interaction with various Internet protocols.

We hope that you will never see the 83-MW1 error on your monitors again, and that the method we have described will help you return to the Monster Hunter: World game immediately. In case the error still persists, you can try porting Monster Hunter: World and Steam to your router/modem by doing a hard reset, physically connecting to the router, and rebooting all involved software and hardware.


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