Monster Hunter: World – How to Kill Anyanath

Monster Hunter: World is not a game where you can just mindlessly tap the keys. With this style of play, you can get through the early stages and tasks for beginners, but very quickly you will realize that the right approach and thorough preparation for the task is of great importance. This is the lesson we learned when we first encountered the Anyanath during the Anyanath Invasion quest. Without any preparation and study of information about this monster, my friend and I managed to fail the task three times. Tired of defeats, I decided to approach the task more responsibly and began to study information on how to kill a huge anyanath.

During your first time on The Encroaching Anjanath quest, we would recommend that you go hunting alone or in co-op mode with someone you know well. By opening a quest with a random player, you run the risk of getting into more prepared and trained hunters who manage to do all the work for you, in which case you will lose valuable experience. Alone, you can fail a task, but at this stage, there is actually no such thing as “failure” because you are learning and improving your skills in order to be more successful next time.

When you start the quest, spend a few extra minutes looking for all the information about Anjanath. This is not only necessary in order to track down the monster, but it will also advance your research level on that monster and reveal more information about your target. The information obtained can be very useful to you and one day save you from instant defeat.

Once you’ve unlocked anyanath research, travel to Astera and talk to the Chief Ecologist. You will learn that the monster’s weak points are on its crown and tail. They, obviously, should be your main target in the fight with anyanath. However, you can also break his leg, which is a great option for those who prefer to hit his ankles with all his might.

In addition, anyanath is vulnerable to the water element and, to a lesser extent, to the thunderstorm, ice and dragon elements (he is the least sensitive to it). If you are going to use a bow or other ranged weapon in combat, then keep in mind that anyanath is subject to poison (Poison), sleep (Sleep), paralysis (Paralysis), explosive damage (Blast) and stun (Stun). When choosing a weapon, you must definitely take into account these features of the monster.

As for the weapon itself, you can choose any you want, but keep in mind that anyanath is vulnerable to cutting and impact types. On the physiology page, you can see that the head of the monster is more sensitive to damage than its tail.

Your next stop on your way to killing anyanyanat should be the training ground. It can be accessed from your room. We spent about 15 minutes practicing various combinations of strikes with a long sword (Great Sword). Just to remember them and fill your hand for their subsequent use in battle. And during the practice of blows, we thought about which particular combos would be best for a fight with a dangerous anyanath.

Once you’re feeling confident, head for the Anyanath fight. You can also leave the quest open and join any random player. After several attempts, when you are already sure that you have mastered all the intricacies of the fight with this monster, you can even use the SOS signal if necessary.

Due to the fact that the long sword is quite heavy, you will have to keep it on your back until you need it. This way you can sneak up on the monster at a closer distance or get out of its way if you suddenly become the object of its increased attention.

The main trick in the group’s victory over anyanath is to divert his attention. While he is busy with one of your comrades, you can sneak up and land a combo on his tail. If he’s on the ground, use your best Charged Slash or a True Charged Slash combo. If the anyanath is on its feet and able to move, then use any blows that will allow you to simultaneously deal damage to the monster and get out of the trajectory of its retaliatory strike.

It is also very important to constantly monitor your own health. We would not advise you to go hunting without 10 Megazeliums, which can heal you at any moment. By the time anyanath was already dead, we had used up about 6, but our entire hunting company managed to avoid losses. We were able to achieve such success only due to the fact that we constantly moved and knew exactly when and whom to strike. While the monster was chasing one hunter, the rest of the team would deal damage to it. When he turned to deal with them, the hunter, left unattended, began to try to cut off the tail of anyanatu. Very soon, the monster received a critical dose of damage and went to its nest to restore health, and shortly after that, finally breathed its last.

Now you have a very simple but effective strategy for defeating anyanath. But there are many more interesting and difficult moments in Monster Hunter: World, so check our guides for this game often to always find the rarest resources and defeat the most ferocious monsters.


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