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Each monster from Monster Hunter: World has its own weaknesses. Those at the very bottom of the food chain have plenty of vulnerabilities, and you can easily defeat them without any special training. However, as you move up this chain higher and higher, you will come across more and more formidable and dangerous opponents. One of the real stumbling blocks on the way to the top of the chain can be the ferocious giant diablos. Only experienced and well-trained hunters will be able to defeat the merciless monster with huge horns and sharp fangs. Therefore, we have prepared for you a detailed guide on how to kill diablos – one of the most difficult monsters in the game.

Weapon choice and weaknesses of diablos

The hard road to killing Diablos begins long before you land your first sword strike or shoot a sharp arrow at this terrible monster. The road to victory over a ferocious monster begins in the Wildspire Waste, where you will need to attack the trail of a giant predator. The most convenient way to do this is during the quest “Horned Tyrant Below the Sands”. As soon as you collect enough information about the monster, new valuable information about it will become available to you. Of course, you can also encounter this monster during normal exploration of the area. This is also a pretty good option. You can get involved in the fight and see what happens. At a minimum, you will gain valuable experience.

However, ideally, it is better to pump up your level of knowledge about diablos and thoroughly study its physiology in Astera. There you will learn that the monster is immune to the elements of Fire (Fire), it is extremely weakly affected by Thunder (Thunder), moderate damage is caused by Water (Water) and the Dragon (Dragon), and the maximum vulnerability of the monster to damage from Ice (Ice) . Of the negative statuses, Diablos is most susceptible to Paralysis. Two stars in the rating have Poison (Poison), Sleep (Sleep) and Explosion (Blast), and only one – Stun (Stun).

Two types of weapons are most effective in combat with diablos: a long sword (better than Freeze Blade I) or a hammer (better than Frozen Core). The sword will inflict the maximum amount of damage when hitting the chest, stomach and legs of the monster, and the hammer will perfectly cope with attacks on the chest, stomach, legs and head. It is advisable to select both types of weapons, taking into account the fact that Ice will cause maximum damage to the beast, and in second place – Water and the Dragon.

If you prefer to use ranged weapons, then in the battle with the diablos, this can be of considerable benefit. You don’t need the whole group to crowd under the feet of an angry monster, and the shooter from a safe distance can deal huge damage. And if the weapon deals the right type of damage (Paralysis is best, then Poison, Sleep and Explosion), then the benefits of such a hunter will be even greater. The best target for a team member armed with ranged weapons would be diablos wings, because they have the least resistance to ranged attacks.

Equipment for diablos

Now you know what weapon is best to go in search of diablos, and how to deal maximum damage with this weapon, but a ferocious monster is still capable of completely emptying your health bar in almost one attack. If he does not kill you with one blow, then he will kill you with the second for sure. Therefore, in order to defeat the formidable diablos, you will first have to do a little crafting in Aster.

We recommend that you go into battle with a giant predator, having with you:

  • Mega Potions x 10;
  • Herbs and Potions (Herb and Potion) x 10 pcs.;
  • Lifepowder x3;
  • Antidot and Blue Mushroom x5
  • Demon Powder x3
  • Bitterbug (Godbug) and grain of power (Might Seed) x 5 pcs.;
  • Hardshell Powder x3;
  • Wolf Pit (Pitfall Trap) x 1 pc. (maximum);
  • Trap tool and net x 2 pcs.

It’s a pretty solid supply of gear, but well worth it. You will need Mega Potions to replenish your spent health. To spend all 10 pieces in a battle is a very real option. With the 10 herbs and potions you’ve stockpiled, you’ll be able to create 10 extra mega-potions that can help you out in times of need. With such preparation, you will potentially have as many as 20 megaseliums for a fight with diablos.

Powders, unlike potions, affect not only a specific player, but the entire group. Powders of life should be used when you see that several team members need to improve their health at once. For example, they are completely addicted to dodging diablos attacks, and cannot heal themselves on their own. Demonic Powder will increase the attack power of the entire group, and Shell Powder will increase the team’s defense for a while. Bitter Beetle, Seed of Power, and Blue Mushroom will help you create a few more powders if needed.

The Wolf Pit is able to disable the monster for a short time and give you the opportunity to deal decent damage during this time. The net and tool must be taken with you in order to be able to create two more traps right on the spot. You can only have one trap and two tools in your inventory at a time, but that’s a total of three times you can trap a diablos, which is already a solid advantage in combat.

Diablos battle strategy

The battle with the diablos in the Savage Mountains will take place in three main locations. You will have to be ready to fight in caves, on hills near quicksand and near a crevice in the rocks. The most difficult part of the fight will take place in the caves, because you will be limited in movement by its walls and will not be able to use the hills and cliffs to gain an advantage over the monster.

Diablos will try to hit you with a fairly extensive arsenal of various attacks. It can also burrow into the sand and make its way underground, scattering everything in its path. In addition, the monster actively strikes with its massive head and tail with a large heavy knob at the end.

If there are four people in your group, try to stay as far away from each other as possible. Otherwise, Diablos will be able to take several hunters out of the game at once with one attack. It is best to fight near the rocks, so that if necessary, you can climb up and jump off. On the hills, it is most convenient to constantly run and slide down the slopes, inflicting powerful blows on the monster when you manage to get close enough to it. In the caves, the main task is to avoid critical damage and loss of consciousness.

To avoid diablos attacks, you can put your weapon behind your back and use a sprint. So you can easily stay at a safe distance from the monster, and if possible, quickly get a weapon and deliver a crushing blow. Hit quickly, then roll to the side and repeat the procedure again. Do not try to stand near the monster and bring down a hail of combinations on it. Any diablos will easily sweep you away, just by turning and hitting you with one of its powerful paws.

Combos should only be used when the monster is knocked down or stunned. If you manage to catch the monster in the wolf pit, then you will have 10-15 seconds to deal as much damage as possible to it. This is a great time to use demonic powder to boost the attack of the whole team.

Choosing the right weapons, potions, powders, and knowing how to exploit diablos’ weaknesses will help you defeat this dangerous and difficult opponent. This is not a monster that can be defeated simply by vigorously swinging a sword / ax / hammer and relying on the crushing power of its own attack. In this battle, you will have to be patient and carefully use every opportunity provided to move towards success. But, all this, and a little more luck in terms of choosing teammates, will certainly allow you to emerge victorious from this difficult battle and win another incredibly valuable trophy in your collection.


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