Monster Maker – Chinese Spore on iOS and Android, create mutants and rule the world

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Remember a game like Spore? It was published by Electronic Arts; there we create a new kind of aliens, and then we go through all the stages of evolution: from a single-celled being to a cosmic civilization. So, the Chinese decided to do something similar, only for smartphones. They called their creation – Monster Maker. In the course of the gameplay, we will reveal the body parts of various animals; this will create unique creatures.

We should expect unexpected meetings with children from other settlements. Also, the developers hint at “mystical treasures”. For them, we will probably fight with others. The gameplay, by the way, is isometric. At first glance, the game resembles an unusual MMORPG: players beat huge creatures (probably world bosses), we have a mini-map, skills like in Black Desert Mobile, and so on.

Monster Maker is already available for iOS and Android in China. This is a premium project (costs about 11 rubles) with microtransactions. There is no information about the global version. There is no English in the game, only Chinese.

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