Monster Park borrowed everything from Pokemon, including Pikachu

An early version of Monster Park appeared all over the world on Android. It has Nintendo 3DS-level graphics and tons of famous Pokémon.

Monster Park is a mobile MMO with isometric gameplay. At the start, you must choose 1 of 3 Pokémon, and the developers have not changed their models and names, so Bulbasaur, Charmander and Pikachu are waiting for you. Then you appear in the city and start auto-questing; soon the first battle begins, taking place in a turn-based format and adopting all the mechanics of the original Pokémon games. Even names such as Pokedex and Pokeballs have remained unchanged.

The developers of Monster Park say that they took the version from the Game Boy Advance as a basis. Of the modes, we can only confirm PvE, although real Pokemon trainers running around the location hint that PvP may be added in the future, if it is not already there. I also note that the new “Pocket Monsters” are mined through gacha, the first 2 spins are free. I wonder how many days this game will be removed from the market? In the meantime, you can try it on Android.

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