Monsters will be able to level up in the next update to Albion Online

The developers of MMORPG Albion Online have released the details of the open world changes in the next big update to Awakened Lands, which will visit the game in November.

Key Open World Improvements:

  • First of all, monsters will be improved, creatures will be “pumped” if they are not killed. For example, as soon as they appear, they are given the title of “recruit”, but in the future they turn into more powerful mobs, up to “champions”.
  • For monsters, visual effects, balance, skills and rewards will also be reworked. For recruits, the kill rewards will be insignificant, but valuable loot will drop from more difficult monsters.
  • An additional map view will appear showing the approximate number of monsters in the regions.
  • The monster upgrade system will also apply to static open world dungeons.
  • They will additionally rework the places with treasures: they will appear in different places, and not statically. Also, they will be visible only to nearby players, and in addition to items, resources will also be included in the content.

In the next post, the authors plan to talk about new music and major changes in guild seasons, main hideouts and more.

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