Moonlighter is out on Android, but not in all countries

Moonlighter appeared on Google Play, but not in all countries. The fans of the project from the CIS will definitely not like this.

11 bit studio launched Moonlighter RPG, only in trial run. The cost of the game is 650-700 rubles, if translated from foreign currency. You got it right, instead of a global release, we got a trial launch, probably in Asia. Perhaps this is just the start and in a short time the game will become available in the CIS. We’ll update the news if this happens.

In Moonlighter, you have to travel through dungeons in search of treasures. They are, of course, guarded by monsters. But if you get to valuable things, then you can sell them in your shop. You just need to be afraid of thieves, from whom hired workers will help. For the mobile version, the developers made a new interface, controls and rebalanced the levels with enemies. The creators have not forgotten about the optimization for mobile hardware. We are waiting for information on the global release.

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