Moonlighter port on Android should appear very soon

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Moonlighter Adventure moved to iPhone last November. Since then, fans of this game have been waiting for an Android port. We have good news: during the first day Pocket Gamer Launchpad the developers at 11 bit studios have confirmed that they are finalizing the Android version and it will be ready “very soon”. Unfortunately, they could not share the exact release date. PocketGamer representatives are betting on the next few months.

In case you don’t know, Moonlighter is an RPG that resembles Stardew Valley in some of its mechanics. It’s only here that we take on the role of a character who always wanted to be an adventurer, but his parents insisted on working in a store. In the end, he decided to combine the two cases, collecting rare artifacts and then selling them for a reasonable price. Note that in the end you need to hire assistants who will not only manage the store in your absence, but also drive the thieves away.

Moonlighter is available on major platforms and iOS. It is not yet known whether the Android version will be made shareware or remain premium.

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