More than 15 multiplayer games on Android and IOS: what to play with friends in 2021?

The world of Android mobile games is constantly growing and evolving. More recently, most users played simple puzzles where you could only invite friends through Facebook and measure your achievements only on the leaderboards. However, there are now a huge number of multiplayer games on the market that include both co-op and real-time PvP. In fact, most games these days support co-op playability. So if you’re looking for something to play with your friends, here’s a list of the best games online.

Supercell games

Game studio Supercell is very famous and if someone says that they have not heard anything about their games, we will be very surprised. Let’s start our story with the most popular online strategy game on iOS and Android – Clash of Clans, which has won the hearts of many users. This year it celebrates its tenth birthday, isn’t it a quality mark for a modern mobile game? In 2014, the company decided to replicate the success of Clash of Clans by releasing an online strategy game called Boom Beach. The game did not become a masterpiece and did not break into the top, but it is worth paying attention to, because it is not for nothing that it has a fairly large fan base.

Two years later, Supercell released the well-known real-time strategy game – Clash Royale. It is in the same game universe as Clash of Clans, which gave a huge boost to fans of the first game. In the first year, she brought the studio over a billion dollars, which once again confirms that Supercell games are loved and are definitely worth playing. Last but not least is Brawl Stars.

This is a MOBA that came out in 2020 and skyrocketed. Its fan base is growing rapidly, and the game itself is constantly being updated, which is another plus for Supercell. By the way, the studio does not forget about its products, it constantly makes various changes, improving and updating the content of all games. On Youtube you can also find a series of interesting and exciting videos about Clash of Clans, and if you dig more carefully, then about many of its other games.

PUBG Mobile and Fortnite

If you ask your friends, acquaintances or just on the forum – are there any high-quality royal battles on your smartphone? They will definitely answer you – PUBG Mobile or Fortnite. Both games have similar gameplay, in them you find yourself on an island with 99 other players, where the last survivor wins. PUBG is made with realistic graphics, while Fortnite is unique and has a unique style.

The second completely consists of fantastic objects, weapons and characters, and the game also has the function of building defensive structures and destroying everything that your pickaxe touches. Both games have received worldwide success, in them you can meet players from the farthest points of the Earth. It is worth playing only once and you will add to the list of multimillion-dollar fan base of one or both of them.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends is one of the most popular racing games on the App Store and Google Play. In the game, you can buy and improve various cars, participate in races against AI or real players. The game has a pretty decent level of network play. Among other things, the developers have tried on the game content not related to PvP, which turned out to be huge.

It will take you many hours to complete the game. The game studio also did not forget to make excellent graphics that are pleasant to look at. Even a child can figure it out, because the mechanics in the game are quite simple.

Among Us

If you haven’t played this awesome game yet, then you have lost a lot. With its release, players began to gather in groups in real life in order to fun hacking into it. In the game, you find yourself on a spaceship with a group of real players, where you have to carry out various tasks to fix it. One or two players will be assigned to the role of impostors in order to kill the entire team (immediately remember the beginning of the series “Lost”).

If you play as the good guy, your goal is to track down the killers or repair the ship. The impostor’s goal is to kill the entire team and commit sabotage. It’s a pretty fun game, especially if you know everyone in the group.


Ever dreamed of your own castle or dungeon? Or maybe even about both at once? Then you will definitely love Minecraft! It is the most popular game on any gaming platform, from PC to smartphone. What can I say! Many are ready to play even on a slipper, just to play. After all, children from an early age, having entered the game for the first time, come out as adult boys and girls, because it will not let you go.

Minecraft offers many add-ons and game content. It will take you more than a thousand hours to research everything, but not the fact that you will be in time. The game costs 690 rubles, there are also in-app purchases, with which you can change the character’s skin.


Are you a fan of shredding zombies in batches? Then you might like this addicting game! In addition to the storyline, which consists of more than 100 tasks, you have the possibility of PvP with real players. Let’s briefly go over the key points – a lot of upgradable weapons, building and defending your own base, PvP mode, the ability to attack other people’s fortresses.

The game has average graphics, the shooters of 2005+ immediately come to mind, and it is also somewhat reminiscent of Dead Trigger. However, if you are bored and overplayed everything, try UNKILLED, you may like it.

AdventureQuest 3D

Are you tired of the same type of MMO with auto battle, auto run, auto life? Then join the classic multiplayer game AdventureQuest 3D. It is similar to the legendary World of Warcraft and Lineage. However, you can play it on any gaming platform, be it PC, iPhone or Android.

The game has a fairly large number of classes, raid bosses, as well as various crafting, pets, PvP and trade. This is a great free option for MMO fans, but it has a huge drawback – it is only localized into English.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Are you a fan of the Call of Duty series on PC and want the same high-quality game on your smartphone? Then rather follow the link and download – Call of Duty: Mobile. This is an online first or third person shooter with many multiplayer modes that include classic death matches as well as a 100-man battle royale. In the game, you can collect skins of famous characters from the game series. This is a fairly high-quality game that was released by Activision.

Old school runescape

Many of us have played various MMORPGs on PC. This mobile game can delight many old-school gamers, which will bring teeth together. Although the game is pretty old, it gets updates every month. In it, a huge open world opens in front of you, in which you: complete many quests, pump your character, trade with other players, and also fight with enemies. The game has a subscription similar to the one used in World of Warcraft. Stylistically, it may not suit everyone, but it’s worth trying to play.

Riptide GP: Renegade

The game was released in 2016, but the graphics to this day remain at a high level. Many users call the Riptide GP the best race ever on smartphones. However, this is an unusual race, here you compete on the jet skis of the future, trying to restore your good name in the professional league.

The game offers – various race tracks, a career mode, multiplayer matches, the creation and improvement of vehicles and a challenge mode, where you compete for leadership in the global list. The game lacks in-app purchases, which improves numerous reviews.

Teamfight Tactics

This is an online chess game from the popular studio Riot Games. At one time, this genre filled all game stores, but a little later, the industry giants released their promising projects, such as Teamfight Tactics and Dota Underlords. In both games, you have to make combinations of heroes for their better interaction. After that, you face other players in an automatic battle. The matches are fast enough, which will be a plus for many. The developers also do not keep waiting for updates long, which means that the games are constantly monitored.

Albion Online

It is a popular MMORPG that became free not too long ago. It has cross-platform support, which means that you can play on almost any device except the iPhone. There are no classes in Albion, you are free to choose your path. Maybe you want to be a magician with a huge two-handed ax? Or a stealthy assassin with a staff?

Only you are able to set your own limits in the game. Do you want your own island? Consider you have it. Or maybe you want to be the most famous merchant? Collect resources, craft unique items and sell! And remember, only you decide what you want to do.

Crossy road

You should pay special attention to this game, because in it you can sit with your friends for hours. The game has a huge number of playable characters, you will definitely find a hero to your liking. It also has a local multiplayer mode where you and your friends can connect to the created game using Wi-Fi. It supports 2 to 4 players. In the game, you have to deftly navigate through various roads and streams without dying. If you need to kill time in a fun way, then it is perfect for you.

Pokemon go

A popular game for which even someone was tried. In it, players roam the real world in search of Pokémon, fight in the training room and Poke Stops. The game is technically single-player, however, training room battles, trainer battles, and simple play are entirely possible with groups of people. In fact, many people who play the game do it solely for the sake of social elements. The player base isn’t as big as it used to be, but many places have official Facebook groups where players can find each other.

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