Mortal Kombat Series: Secrets and Easter Eggs

picture 81 Mortal Kombat Series: Secrets and Easter Eggs

The original Mortal Kombat debuted in 1992 on arcade machines. The game, with its spectacular, colorful violence, intense combat and realistic-looking fighters, which were created using the rotoscoping technique, spawned a whole new type of competitive fighting game. During its existence, the brainchild of Ed Boon has acquired several sequels, remakes, spin-offs, lines of comics and even films based on them, and has also become one of the reasons for the creation of the ESRB, an organization that sets the age rating for video games.

Of course, in 29 years and 18 released games, the developers at NetherRealm Studios have hidden many different secrets in their creations that not all players could discover. Now that the update period for the latest installment in the franchise, Mortal Kombat 11, is officially over, it’s time to start thinking about the non-obvious things you can do in the games in this series.

Can fight Reptile

The very first Mortal Kombat featured a secret boss, none other than Outworld’s loyal servant Saizoth, also known as Reptile. Then he was just a repainted Scorpion, and visually did not cause much interest. What was interesting was how well the very fact of his presence in the game was hidden, and how difficult it was to get to him.

In order to fight Reptile, the player had to go through a difficult test: earning a Perfect Victory twice without using a block, and then performing a Fatality. At the same time, it was necessary to be in the Yama arena. If all the conditions were met, the player was transferred to the arena of the Bottom of the Pit, where this deadly secret enemy lived.

You can find Reptile

Elusive Reptile

Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, released in 2002, saw the first appearance of the Krypt in the series. Here, the player could spend the coins earned in battles to acquire new characters and unlock new arenas, as well as buy access to concept art, video materials, and other bonuses from developers valuable to fans.

In Mortal Kombat 11, the Krypt hides a special secret, a kind of separate bonus. In ten different places of the Crypt, the beloved character Reptile appears. He is invisible and can only be seen with Kenshi’s Bandage. Hitting the Reptile with Shao Kahn’s hammer will reward you with 200 Spirit Shards and a green Scorpion skin.

You can perform Quitality


In competitive games, it often happens that one of the emotional players leaves the game, angry because of their own failures or the opponent’s actions – the so-called ragequit. In Mortal Kombat, this, of course, also takes place, and in MKX, the developers decided that it was not good to deprive an opponent of the pleasure of winning, and they needed to somehow compensate for this.

Now, if your opponent suddenly leaves the battle, you will no longer have to get bored finishing off his defenseless and completely unresisting character. Instead, the head of the virtual fighter will explode colorfully, and you will be credited with a technical victory. This finishing move was called Kvitality, from the English quit – to leave. In Mortal Kombat 11, it has become even more spectacular: now the loser will either shatter into bloody lumps from the next blow, or he will be pierced by a huge spike.

You can complete your studies

Live and learn

Experienced fighting game players are unlikely to be very interested in the training mode, which in Mortal Kombat 11 turned out to be detailed, but long. It is much more interesting to immediately rush into battle than to spend time repeating already familiar basics and monotonously following instructions.

However, if you decide not to ignore this stage and not abandon it halfway through, the reward for perseverance will be not only the full development of the game mechanics, but also several collectibles. Completing the basic mechanics training will give you Time Crystals, which can be spent on Fatalities, decorations, and new skins for each character.

You can show mercy

Mercy is rewarded

In a game whose essence is to destroy the enemy in the most spectacular and bloody way, it would seem that there is no place for any manifestations of sympathy for the enemy. However, a defeated fighter can not only be brutally finished off, but also spared, receiving an increase in the tower score and a few hearts that can be spent on items or opening chests in the Crypt.

A move called Mercy first appeared in Mortal Kombat 3 and is now available in MK11. The principle of operation is extremely simple: when the enemy runs out of health, and the inscription “Finish him!” appears, hold the left trigger and press down 3-4 times. This will add some health to the defeated, and the fight can continue.

You can let the AI ​​do everything for you

Let the AI ​​fight for you

This game mode may be confusing at first, but Mortal Kombat 11 really has it – players have the opportunity to give control of the character to AI, and take a break while he takes the rap for them (or go get himself some food). For a franchise where everything depends on the skill of the player and the speed of his reaction, such an idea seems inappropriate, but be that as it may, this is really a new, never seen before approach to combat.

In the “Combat” menu section, select “AI Fight” to start the duel. For this, you will receive special skins and other decorations that cannot be obtained in any other way.

You can play pong

A classic within a classic

Released in 1993, Mortal Kombat 2 surpassed its predecessor by introducing a more elaborate story and new finishing moves into the game. Among the innovations was one rather strange one: a secret reference to Pong, the classic game from Atari.

In the arcade version of MK2, the 250th duel between two players kicked off a Mortal Kombat-style pong game. Even the sound design was taken care of: when someone earned a point, the famous “Toasty!” sounded. Dan Forden. After seven points, the game returned to the usual fighting game mode.

Can perform Babality

Made like a child

First introduced in Mortal Kombat II, this special finishing move is great for ending a tough match in a humiliating (and fun for you) way. By pressing a certain sequence of buttons, you can turn an enemy fighter into a crying baby in diapers.

In Mortal Kombat 3, the mechanics have changed somewhat: now, in order to perform Babality (from the English baby – a child), you had to win without placing a block once in a match. In the 2011 game that gave the franchise new life, every character (including bosses) got their own animation for Babality.

Can perform a Fatality

Fatality for everyone

One of the main reasons to explore the Krypt in Mortal Kombat 11 is to unlock new Fatalities for characters to make their victories against enemies look even bloodier and more spectacular. Along the way, you might get the impression that the only way to unlock new finishing moves is to grind, grind, and grind again. But do not rush to get upset.

In fact, any of the available fatalities can be performed without even unlocking it. All that is needed for this is to know the required combination of buttons. And this is not a problem, since you can now find anything on the Internet, including instructions for completing each fatality for each character

You can access the secret menu

Boone Name Menu

Even 30 years later, fans are still finding secrets in the Mortal Kombat classic. One of the most carefully hidden is hidden in the first, second and third games of the series (including Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3). These are secret menus known as “EJB menus” after the creator of the franchise, Ed Boon.

Accessing them is a tricky task that requires very precise input of the combination, but as a reward you will be given a chance to see the ending of each character’s story. In MK3, you can open secret characters in this way and play as a clone of Galaga.

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