MotoGP 19 – 5 tips for beginner motorcyclists

image4 197 MotoGP 19 - 5 tips for beginner motorcyclists

The problem with a series of annual sports games like MotoGP or NBA 2K is that each new version has to be richer than its predecessor in every way. It is not enough that this project is only a good production – it also has to offer completely new tests that we have not yet been able to provide, or have been very polished compared to its predecessor.

MotoGP 19 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and the new iteration of the series has received positive reviews since its premiere. The previous game in the series, number 18 in the title, was an equally solid production, but there was no criticism – the creators were accused of moving to Unreal Engine 4 too quickly, due to which the developers did not avoid some mistakes, and also could not deliver many features expected by fans (for example, related to customization) into the game.

In MotoGP 19, the developers tried to fix the mistakes of their predecessor – in addition, by implementing the so-called “Neural AI”, whose task is to study the player’s playing style and apply appropriate responses to them. So don’t be surprised if your computer starts overtaking you on the last lap. In exchange for basic AI techniques, AI controlled players are always smart.

However, to even the odds, we’ve decided to reveal five tips, mostly aimed at beginners, to get you started on your MotoGP 19 adventure. They’re also a good starting point for those who prefer racing cars, cars or karts.

1. Use manual transmission on unknown routes.

In the options menu you will find many useful features to help you drive – you should not be ashamed of using them, especially if you have just started your adventure with MotoGP. Consider using automatic rather than manual shifting – over time you’ll get the hang of using the clutch to accurately enter corners and drop into lower or higher gears, but no one requires you to have that skill in the beginning.

One of the most useful tools is the ideal route line. By activating it, you can see how you should move around the track – where to turn, where to accelerate, where to brake and, finally, where to go. This is the perfect help for young and angry people who would rather avoid an accident on the track.

After your time at MotoGP 19, you will be able to appreciate all of the above on your own, but nothing will prepare you better than using the perfect track. Thanks to this, you will train the reflexes necessary for instinctive driving on the track.

2. Use every training lap and warm up!

In Career Mode, each race lasts an entire weekend and is filled with practice laps, a qualifying session providing the best starting position, warm-ups and a proper race where you can earn valuable points.

You can play the race itself, but we don’t recommend it. Training and warm-ups will let you learn about the twists and turns of the course. None of them are like the other – even if they look almost the same, one of them can be easily overcome when the other on a slippery surface turns us when we brake too hard.

Every track has its little traps. Use training to identify these quirks instead of learning from your mistakes during a real race. Good practice time will allow you to meet the qualifications during which you will win the best starting position for your bike. Skipping it will mean that you will start the race from the last position.

Lepiej nie ryzykować kraksy!

3. Gas ahead? Not here …

The temptation to charge as quickly as possible and brake hard at the last moment before cornering can be overwhelming. Take a moment to look at the results after the race. Athletes who finish in the top five do not always have the best lap times. The most important thing is to be consistent while driving.

At the very beginning, determine your ability to control the car in such a way as to stay on the track – do not take too many risks and focus on cornering accuracy rather than speed. It may not be as exciting as a full ride, but the turn at breakneck speed will come with time nonetheless. Learn the basics early on – if you lose control of your bike, chances are your race will be over.

Nasza załoga wie najlepiej jak nam pomóc!

4. Use a team – let them do all the work for you!

At any time during your training, your engineering team can tailor the machine to the style you prefer. So if you find yourself having trouble negotiating corners, don’t forget to stop the race and ask for help.

You can play around with customizing your bike. However, if you do not know what to do, and the size of the front and rear disc brakes is black magic for you, it is better to use the manual – this option will be useful mainly for non-professionals, due to the convenient and friendly user interface. The crew will receive information about what you are having problems with (perhaps entering at the corner) and what exactly you would like to change (reaction time, accuracy, delay).

Thanks to this, the crew will make many changes. However, pay attention to what they do and what the new settings are. At the end, you will learn about motorcycle upgrades that can turn your bike into the best in the world.

5. If all else fails…rewind time!

It happens. In practice, it is not uncommon for a race to run almost flawlessly and in a high position, so that a few minutes before crossing the finish line you can effectively break down or run into another rider. Of course, you can come to terms with the error and lengthen it to the end (if the condition of the vehicle allows it), but… there is also a 10 second rewind function (make sure this option is enabled in the menu). This will allow you to legally start the race from that point in the past.

This is not cheating, but an opportunity provided by the game, thanks to which you will have the opportunity to flawlessly complete the entire race. Use rewind even if you don’t have an accident – thanks to this you can practice the perfect passage of each turn on the track you are currently racing on.


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