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Multiplayer action game with battles for 100 players Warlander is out on PC

Publisher PLAION and developer Toylogic have announced the launch of third-person multiplayer action game Warlander. The game is available on PC via Steam and is distributed free of charge. A console release is also planned for the future.

Initial reviews of the Warlander were mixed. However, the game is criticized mainly for performance problems and bugs. The gameplay is mostly praised by the players.

Warlander is a third-person multiplayer action game with a unique style that combines a medieval setting, fantastic items and abilities, and powerful robots. Up to 100 players can participate in castle sieges, taking on the roles of warriors, clerics, and mages. The main goal is to destroy the core, hidden in the depths of the citadel. Outside of a match, players can customize their decks to receive various bonuses.


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