Indian studio GameEon is working on an open-world action game called Mumbai Gullies. Some may immediately notice the similarities with the Grand Theft Auto series (chases, shootouts, traffic violations, etc.); only these indie developers decided to use Mumbai city where the plot will take place. This choice was made because Mumbai is a rather diverse city; there skyscrapers are combined with kilometres of slums. This is the city that never sleeps and where something is constantly happening.

Apparently, the development team is made up of newbies, plus we haven’t seen any gameplay yet. The guys want to create an open-world game, which could end their idea: Grand Theft Auto V was developed by huge teams of specialists with a budget of $ 265 million.

Mumbai Gullies is coming “soon” on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store’s digital gaming stores. You can see the screenshots at the official website… There you can buy one of the sets: pay more, get more.

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