Music arcade game IDOLY PRIDE was released in Japan, this is an anime Star Factory

Remember the program “Star Factory”? So, in Japan, this is very popular, especially if we are talking about virtual anime singers. In the wake of the hype, the IDOLY PRIDE game was launched in this country. It is based on the multimedia project of the same name. The plot is this: the idol girl dies and all the fans are upset. Her sister and a girl with the same voice apply for the vacant position. As a result, they and other singers live together in a hostel.

The game is a gacha, where you need to collect the cards of the singers and pump them over. The gameplay is arcade, we have to chat with fans, train new movements, select the perfect lineup for abilities and oppose other players. The last point is done in auto-mode, it all depends on the number of virtual likes that will be given to your team.

IDOLY PRIDE is already available on iOS and Android in Japan. This is a shareware project with all that it implies. There is no information about a global release, this is unlikely to happen.

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