Myth of Empires’ first sandbox dev diary on creating realistic horses

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Details continue to grow in Myth of Empires. After the announcement of the closed alpha and giving an interview, the authors decided to release the first development diary, where they shared the secrets of adding realistic horses to the game.

It was revealed that Angela Game has partnered with Animatrik, the world’s leading motion capture team, specifically for such purposes. Together they recorded more than 200 minutes of body movements from 20 animals: horses galloping, rearing up, jumping and dashing, attacking. Then the animations were transferred to the project.

Such close attention to this aspect was paid because the developers strive to convey the entire atmosphere of the III century AD, the time in which the game takes place.

Myth of Empires is an MMO sandbox set in a historical setting. The game invites you to plunge into the wars and diplomacy of the 3rd century on the Eastern continent. Users have access to the restoration of land destroyed by large-scale battles, the construction of buildings, the study of technologies and the collection of resources for all this business. The first closed alpha is slated for April 16th. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to submit an application.

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