Myth of Empires Patch Coming Soon with New War Elephant and Rhino Armor

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The developers of the survival simulator Myth of Empires have announced the first small content update, whose key features include new armor for war elephants and rhinos. The patch will be released on December 11 at 2:00 Moscow time and on the occasion of the event a fresh video was presented with a demonstration of the innovations.

Myth of Empires is an MMO sandbox set in a historical setting. The game invites you to plunge into war and diplomacy on the Eastern continent. Users have access to the study of huge territories, the construction of buildings, extensive crafting, the study of technologies and the collection of various resources.

It is worth noting that the game was recently removed from Steam due to copyright infringement, but the developers claim that they are innocent. It is not known when the trial will end, but the authors promise to continue to support the game with updates for those who previously bought it and can still play.

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