Myth of Empires review

Myth of Empires review Myth of Empires review

Sandbox survival sims are now experiencing a drought compared to other genres. Quite a few of them come out, and there are almost no innovative qualities. However, sometimes quality projects come out.

In this review, we will focus on Myth of Empires, which was released in Early Access relatively recently. Whether it is a quality product with know-how or a mediocre walker, we will try to figure it out in this article.

Myth of Empires is set in ancient times in an unknown eastern territory reminiscent of China or Japan. The vast world is divided into various server prefectures focused on PvE or PvP. In the future, it is allowed to move between territories and accordingly change the direction of the gameplay, or stay on the same land. True, it’s better to start with PvE servers, because the development is very long and you will have to grow up to full-fledged wars. We will return to this later.

When creating a character, you will not experience a lack of settings: using the sliders, you can adjust each aspect in detail, be it the waist, cheekbones, eye size and much more. From the standard blanks, we select only gender, voice, face and hairstyles. The latter cannot be edited and while the choice is small, however, later additional options will probably appear, because the developers have already mentioned the appearance of DLC in the future.

Having appeared in one of dozens of territories, we begin to study the game. Fortunately, everything turns out to be quite simple, since the player is continually followed by clues, each control is signed, and quests help to understand everything, including crafting.

The game has a level of the player himself, on which the study of crafting recipes and the further improvement of passive talents strictly depends. And there is also a separate development system “Art of War” with additional passives (an increase in attack speed when receiving damage from the back, and so on), which can be studied for scrolls dropped from NPCs.

You can also develop ordinary skills and pumping depends on the use – the more often you use them, the more their level increases. For example, physical strength grows from running and jumping, from growing crops – planting. There is also a hunt pumping, which allows you to further study the talent for tracking animals and much more. It’s worth noting that raising some skill levels is disproportionately difficult. For example, an increase in levl for a bow is possible from simple shooting in the air, while the development of a sword comes only from hitting an enemy.

Because of this, you often have to concentrate on only one type of weapon or action. If you want to upgrade a crafter, you will have to constantly stand behind the machine, a collector – to collect the fastest-produced resource. To become an excellent fighter, you need to run with only one type of weapon and kill everyone right and left. From such a grind, coupled with meditative gameplay (and he is really slow here), the game quickly gets boring. However, I am sure the developers will find a balance soon.

In the meantime, your patience can save the situation, since the fun begins only at the maximum levels, where by taming the elephants and crafting several siege structures, and then going to the PvP server, you can arrange genocide on a couple of clans and then wait for revenge.

Also, no one forbids breeding rabbits, foxes and other animals on PvE servers if you like a peaceful lifestyle. It is even allowed here to cross horses to get a horse with the best skills, which are divided by grade. You can also be a farmer with whole fields of planting, become a professional fisherman, rebuild a giant castle with servant slaves, and much more.

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The combat system here is non target with a choice of direction of attack. Moreover, hitting certain parts of the body gives different effects: on the legs – slowing down, on the head – critical damage. The weapon is also unique and, depending on the type, can impose bleeding, slowing down, reducing the level of hp, and so on. They also each have slashing, piercing, and blunt damage stats, as well as armor. Not to say that this system somehow stands out from the background of other survival simulators, but it is implemented in an interesting way and makes everyone individually pump when playing in a clan.

As for the elements of the survival simulator, there is a deep system of characteristics. At the first levels, one has to observe only the level of health, nutrition and endurance, but later gastro-, meridian-, and body-toxicity will be added to them, the calculation of which is from 0% to 100%. The first is responsible for the accumulation of toxins from food, the second increases with constant deaths, and the third shows the injuries from the attacks received. After filling one of the three bands to a certain level, a debuff is applied, for example, a decrease in the maximum number of hp, and so on. Additionally, when moving to hot or cold biomes, it is required to evaluate the indicators of heat, cold, disease and select appropriate medicines with clothes.

Features of the game include the division into levels of everything and everyone. The game has a terrain with NPCs of small, medium and high level. In each zone, unique materials and resources are mined, recipes for pumping, animals are caught, and so on. Moreover, the map is divided in a balanced way: the transitions are carried out gradually and the biomes do not change abruptly.

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Among the features: an achievement system that increases the percentage of various characteristics, titles, all sorts of events from developers, compensation via in-game mail for sudden server maintenance, ranking tables by activity, where the first ten places are rewarded with in-game items. The guild system also looks very interesting with a vast number of talents and technologies, stimulating to work together to study them.

The graphics in the game are beautiful, especially with RTX enabled. Sounds are good, animals and NPCs are very detailed and realistic, and the appearance of armor or weapons changes depending on the type. I was very pleased with the change in weather: the rain starts slowly and by looking at the sky sometimes you can even determine when there will be a thunderstorm or everything will cost a fine drizzle.

All of the above can most likely be attributed to the pluses. Among the minuses in the game, I would like to note the instability of servers, a poor balance of skills, terrible translation into Russian, insufficient optimization even on top assemblies, an abundance of bugs and exploits. But all this is typical for any game in early access and is quite fixable, especially since the authors have already started releasing patches with fixes.

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As a fan of survival simulators, I can confidently say about the great potential of this project. Even now, despite the shortcomings, the pros far outweigh them. There is already a beautiful big world, a choice for PvP and PvE players, a lot of content, deep crafting and a survival system, nice graphics and an oriental setting. All this makes you stay longer in the game.

The gameplay is more similar to Life is Feudal, so those who do not like the relatively slow gameplay and long pumping in survivals should think carefully before buying. However, the rest of Myth of Empires will definitely not leave you indifferent.

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