Nancy Drew The Curse of Blackmoore Manor download torrent For PC

Nancy Drew The Curse of Blackmoore Manor download torrent

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Download torrent Nancy Drew The Curse of Blackmoore Manor to play the 11th part of the girl detective series of the same name – a good idea. The game, released in 2006 and published by the American-Canadian company Her Interactive, immediately became a success, both among the players and numerous critics, who did not let the developers go down primarily because of the monotony of the gameplay and plot. This time, the script was taken entirely from Nancy Drew: Bluebeard’s Room.

Story line

The main protagonist of the game, as usual, is Nancy Drew. She is young, fearless and experienced. The girl used to help different detective agencies, police officers, in various investigations, but this time she decided to deal with the situation herself and conduct her own detective search. To do this, you will have to go with her to old England, to her childhood best friend Linda. A friend fell ill with a very strange disease, which suddenly overtook her and has not let go for several weeks now. Nancy Drew is very worried and has come to find out what, in fact, is the matter. It turns out that Linda recently married a well-known diplomat in England, but after moving to his estate, she stopped leaving the house and being born. Upon arrival, Nancy first of all examines the estate and notices an unusual noble nest, which hides hundreds of secrets and secrets, gossip and conspiracies. Also, there are rumors in the family about a family curse that keeps the house and all its inhabitants in captivity. Linda strongly believes in this, but Nancy will try to convince her and find the true cause of the disease. After all, it became obvious to the detective girl that the family had specially invented ghosts and a curse in order to avert their eyes from something serious and terrible, which the friends could not even think of. All this Nancy Drew will have to find out soon.

Game process

You need to download the torrent Nancy Drew The Curse of Blackmoor Manor and help the girl in this dangerous investigation, bringing the owners and tenants of the estate to clean water, and also save your only true childhood friend from the disease. Compared to the previous game – “Secrets of the Shadow Ranch”, the gameplay has changed significantly here. In this new episode, the screen will be divided into two parts – lower and upper. At the bottom you will find inventory, notes, a notebook and a phone, and at the top you will find a location and a map that Nancy can move around, as well as move the camera 360 degrees. When a girl is talking to someone, the screen at that time changes position and instead of two parts, it is divided into three, breaking the desktop into pieces, making it look like a comic book. An interesting feature of the game: if you forgot what you need to do, or if you are at a dead end, you don’t know how to complete the next mission, then call your friends and comrades, they will help and advise you. Surprisingly, they know the answers to almost all questions. Also, you can search for the necessary information on the Internet (nobody canceled the search engines), or write a letter to the mailbox of some familiar professor-know-it-all. Solve puzzles divided into several parts, additional missions that appear in almost every new episode and simply go through the game using the mouse cursor (point and click).

Features of Nancy Drew The Curse of Blackmoore Manor

  • improved gameplay;
  • splitting the screen into two or three parts;
  • good background music;
  • numerous hints;
  • easy control.

Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoore Manor download torrent and play a good, solid game, with an interesting plot and scenario – the best thing you can think of today.

System requirements

  • Operating system Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Pentium® II 400 MHz processor
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 600 MB free hard disk space
  • Nvidia Riva TNT 3D video adapter with 16 MB memory
  • 16-bit DirectX® compatible audio device
  • 12 speed CD-ROM drive


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