Naraka: Bladepoint Battle Royale Sword Battle Starts This Week

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Naraka: Bladepoint is an unusual Japanese-style battle royale. Here players fight in close combat. The developers added speed and agility to the local samurai to make the fights more dynamic. For example, trees, temples, and other buildings can be quickly navigated with a grappling hook. In addition to this, parkour was brought here. Each character has its own unique abilities and ult: someone is being treated, someone is shooting, and so on.

We are promised a combat system with a division from Hearthstone: “Easy to understand, difficult to master.” Veterans of the genre will receive blocking attacks, dodging, and counterattacks. The MBT for Naraka: Bladepoint will begin on April 23rd; testing will last until April 25th. You can sign up for it through the page on Steam. By the way, the battles are from the third person. The video shows how enemies can be attacked through trees (there are many of them here) and from a height.

Naraka: Bladepoint will be released in the summer of 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game can now be added to the wishlist. There will be no Russian localization.


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