NBA All-World Trial Launched by the Creators of Pokemon GO

NBA All-World is an augmented reality mobile game. It is being developed by Niantic, which is best known for creating Pokemon GO. Note that the trial run, judging by this video and information from our insiders, began 3 months ago; now the publisher has expanded the number of countries.

So far we can confirm NBA All-World in Southeast Asia and Oceania (Singapore and Australia). At the start of the game, players will receive training during which they tell you that basketball is played all over the world. That is why you can visit the basketball court in different countries, and the developers have added cultural and historical notes.

Since NBA All-World has vertical gameplay, the controls are arcade – swipes and taps will become your friends. Moreover, already during the training it will be difficult to score a “three-pointer” the first time: you need to release your finger at the exact moment.

Of course, each NBA All-World player will be tied to their country and their location. You can change basketball players in the team and get new ones by meeting them on the streets of your city and winning matches with them. Players need to score 5 goals faster than the opponent bot.

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