NBA Rise To Stardom is available in Japan, but it is inaccurate

The publisher Gravity has released NBA Rise To Stardom, only a few hours in the making. Should you panic?

NBA Rise To Stardom is a basketball arcade game where you have to collect cards of rare players. Then, in the role of a manager, we put the team on tournaments and select tactics against each opponent. In the match, everything is decided by the points and stats of basketball players, because we ourselves do not participate in the game, but only observe the bright moments. After a quarter, we have to change athletes, because the more actively they show themselves, the more endurance they spend.

I am glad that at the most crucial moment time stops and we need to distribute points between the characteristics of a defender or an attacker. The outcome of the confrontation depends on this. One match can last about eight minutes, probably the fights between the players take place in asynchronous mode, that is, not in real time. By the way, at the time of this writing, NBA Rise To Stardom is doing technical work. It turns out that you can download the game, but you have to wait for the servers to open. We expect the game to launch tomorrow morning.

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