Neon Abyss: Infinity Pre-Registration Open, Roguelike Enter the Gungeon

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The Chinese want to release a neon roguelike called Neon Abyss: Infinity. It is somewhat reminiscent of Enter the Gungeon, especially the number of huge bullets on the screen. This is a Chinese theme, so expect a lot of kanji. There is a merchant in the game for items that will unlock new bullets. For example, you can shoot three huge fish skeletons. Also, players will have flying pets, which is reminiscent of The Binding of Isaac, but not so gloomy. These guys are hatching from eggs. And yes, the project is a little pixelated. There is a lot of action, bullets bounce off the walls. In your free time, you can play the local slot machine to pull out cool items.

What do the developers promise? Neon setting, as well as endless combinations of items. Also, we ourselves choose the path through the local dungeons; in general, our choices affect the “rules of the game.” Controls are optimized for touch screens. You can shoot both yourself and with the help of aiming. By the way, Team17 (the developers of Worms) has already released something similar, the game is called Neon Abyss.

Neon Abyss: Infinity will be released on iOS and Android, most likely in China. There is no information about the global version. Pre-registration can be done at TapTap

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