NetEase Games Launches PTA for ZOZ: Final Hour

Zombie action game ZOZ: Final Hour has entered the CBT stage. This is a mobile project with interesting mechanics and style for The Division.

ZOZ: Final Hour is an action game for mobile phones where players must survive in a zombie apocalypse. Currently, the project is undergoing closed beta testing in Brazil, but you can also participate in it. The gameplay takes place from the third person, you can use both a firearm and a cold weapon against the dead. Some have crystals on their backs that can be mined.

NetEase Games made ZOZ: Final Hour in PvPvE format, that is, you can see live players at locations who can be destroyed and lost. This project also offers to join a group with friends who can still betray you, because the main goal is red crystals.

Before the mission, you can buy equipment, it is offered randomly for each individual operator. Locations in ZOZ: Final Hour are randomly generated from nine complexes. And yes, after death, you can become a zombie to punish people.

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