NetEase Games teases new content for Badlanders – maps, weapons and more

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Edition PocketGamer talked about new content for Badlanders. NetEase Games is preparing new weapons, a map, and even a system for changing day and night. Let’s start with the map: desert will replace the urban setting. If you need more camping space, this is the perfect map. Along with this, players will set up ambushes; boats, camps and train tracks are suitable for this. There are many treasures to be found in the sands.

At the expense of weapons: everything in the new batch will be five guns and three-body kits. These are assault and sniper rifles, a light machine gun and a submachine gun. They will allow you to both shoots from afar and get close to the enemy. At the expense of attachments, it is not yet clear: these are either separate three slots, which will allow you to further customize the gun for yourself or an addition to the existing slots. As for the day and night, the time of day will change periodically on the map. It is easier to hide and ambush at night, and annoying snipers can be found at dawn.

While NetEase Games has not announced exactly when the next update for Badlanders will be released, it will definitely happen sometime in 2021.

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