NetEase Games will release Frostpunk Mobile, the approximate release date for iOS and Android has become known

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If anyone will save mobile gamers, it will be NetEase Games. These guys are porting or “reworking” PCs and console games for smartphones. Remember only Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night or EVE Echoes. Now we have learned that a Chinese publisher is taking over Frostpunk Mobile. In the story, we run a city that is trying to survive during an eternal winter. Players must manage resources, solve citizens’ problems, and build new buildings.

As for whether it will be just a port or a separate version, there are hints of the latter option. That is, we are told that Frostpunk Mobile will have mechanics familiar to players, but at the same time new features will appear: roguelike elements, guilds, an animal rescue station and character development

Frostpunk will be released on iOS and Android in late 2021. We should expect new information in the near future. By the way, for the mobile version we made official site… Do you think it will be a shareware project or a premium project? Leave your answers in the comments.

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