Netmarble’s Marvel Future Revolution pre-orders have begun, when can we expect it?

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The moment has come – after a long silence, publisher Netmarble has opened pre-orders for Marvel Future Revolution. It will be Marvel’s first open-world RPG on smartphones. The graphics are done using Unreal Engine 4. As in the case of Diablo Immortal, the developers promise cinematic console-level inserts. We are also told that each hero will have his own path, and the plot tasks will be done in the spirit of key moments from the Marvel universe. In general, we must join the Omega squad and save the Earth from the Mergence.

Players will be allowed to customize the heroes, you can combine four parts of the suit. Battles take place both on the ground and in the air (probably Spider-Man or Iron Man will soar above the ground during a series of attacks).

Marvel Future Revolution will be released on September 30th on iOS and Android (according to the App Store, which can be wrong). It will be a shareware project with microtransactions. There will be Russian localization, the publisher collects a lot of impersonal information.

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