New answers from Allods Online MMORPG developers to players’ questions

New answers from Allods Online MMORPG developers to players questions New answers from Allods Online MMORPG developers to players' questions

IT Territory studio continues to publish answers to players’ questions about MMORPG Allods Online. As always, we have prepared a quick summary for you with all the most important information provided by the developers.

  • Major update 13.1 will introduce various changes to the difficulty of the Observatory raid.
  • The mobile game “Rage Hunt: Treasure Hunt” will not be updated for new iOS versions.
  • Rumors that Skyforge developers have joined the Allods team declined to comment.
  • The developers don’t mind if the orcs are also necromancers, but such a task will take a lot of time to implement.
  • The secret system of the world will not be reworked, as it already has unique mechanics. If there are difficulties in completing tasks or the plot is uninteresting, then the team advises trying to reach the desired levels in the Timeless.
  • There are no plans to expand spark talent fields yet.
  • The developers are considering a system of in-game reports, but for now they are asking to send them to the mail.
  • The team is looking into adding Firejar’s respawn schedule to the CA, and there’s a good chance it will come up.
  • A discussion is underway to update the rewards for the mentoring system, so that participation in it would please both the Teacher and the Student.
  • The authors are discussing the possibility of obtaining the guise of a holy weapon in a game way on subscription servers.
  • The possibility of obtaining rare costumes, which can no longer be obtained, is being discussed.
  • The team will be happy to collaborate with other developers who want to contribute to the game.
  • The activity of the Observatory implies the participation of all the roles that are indicated when joining it. At the moment, the choice of aspect is relevant when passing the Observatory on easy difficulty.
  • It is planned to update the reputation system, but this task is not the highest priority.
  • Visual rewards for BG marks are likely to be updated,
  • The Soldiers of Fortune faction has no plans to introduce PvP quests at the moment.
  • The tactics of the Locus will not be simplified, since players receive two milestones of character development for completing it. In addition, he has an unusual tactic, which should be interesting for everyone to get acquainted with.
  • When asked about changing the auction interface, developers are asked to tell us in more detail what is wrong with it and offer their own options.
  • The Free Trader Marathon will be reworked, but is not planned to be launched anytime soon.
  • There are plans to rework skills for rebirth, but it’s hard to say the timing of the implementation.
  • The opportunity to change the Patron is not expected, since they are analogues of the signs of the zodiac.
  • Work is already underway to simplify the transition between story locations so that it is more obvious.
  • The option of obtaining a class milestone will not be changed, since weaving mechanics shows itself quite well.
  • The developers have already made changes to the work of 3v3 and 6v6 fights, perhaps in the future there will be more changes if there is enough feedback on this issue.
  • Quests in the Battle Pass are updated every Battle Pass – the team is always trying to add something new. This is not to say that there are more PvP quests in this activity than PvE. According to the authors, they are trying to close all the interests of the players, so there are quests with a PvP component, and with PvE, and quests with the participation of astral ships.
  • There are no plans to change the quest for obtaining a treatise on tops and roots for subscription servers yet.
  • The developers are discussing the possibility of adding various combat mechanisms to subscription servers.
  • There will be no changes to the rewards in the “Not a Day Without a Gift” promotion, but work is underway to update it.
  • For the time being, we do not plan to reduce the cost of holiday mounts.
  • Beel from the shop is not a reference to Bee’la from World of Warcraft, but to the sounds that goats make.
  • When publishing the continuation of the Eden storyline, the team plans to stick to the deadlines that they previously announced. If something changes, they promise to let you know.
  • The costumes available for purchase from the Children of the Forest and the Expedition will also be available in the continuation of the Eden storyline.
  • Developers regularly hold a variety of creative contests for players.

Earlier, the IT Territory studio shared its plans for the next updates for Allods Online.

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