New Black Shark 4 Gaming Smartphones Passed 3C Certification

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A division of the Chinese company Xiaomi Black Shark is expected to unveil the Black Shark 4 line of smartphones soon. The sub-brand has passed the certification of the fourth series of mobile devices in the TENAA centre with the numbers: KSR-A0 and PRS-A0. In February 2021, the first model passed certification in the Chinese body 3C, and now the second one has also passed certification there.

Both models are likely to ship with an MDY-12-ED charger with support for fast charging up to 120W. Image via TENAA shows the PRS-A0 will be a cheaper gaming smartphone compared to the KSR-A0. Perhaps the reason is a simplified version of the main camera.

The screenshot shows that the KSR-A0 is equipped with: multi-touch 6.67-inch display, an operating system Android 11, a Battery with a 4500 mAh. The smartphone’s thickness is 10.3mm, width is 76.35mm, and height is 163.83mm. This model is expected to ship with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset.

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