New characters and reworked locations in the latest update for T3 Arena

The developers of the mobile third-person shooter T3 Arena have released a major update that includes two heroes and redesigned maps. Right now, players can appreciate the reimagined look of all the locations that were previously available in simple gray tones. Now each card has a unique look and can be remembered by some decorative elements.

Also, two new characters appeared in the game: Hunter and Judex. Hunter can be obtained completely free of charge as a daily reward by logging into the game for three days in a row. This hero uses an assault rifle, and also has a grenade that highlights enemies in the area of ​​​​the explosion. His ultimate has up to three charges in the form of repulsive waves.

Judex wields a powerful 4-shot shotgun capable of hitting enemies even at medium range. She has a stun grenade that blinds enemies, as well as an ultimate ability that sets fire to a large area for 10 seconds.

Below is a trailer for the update, where you can see the new maps visually:

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